Space for leadership

Leadership is made to measure – how can you become effective? As a manager, you provide your business with strategic direction, and as a leader, you must navigate in an agile environment. ILAC offers the space to reflect on your personal leadership situation and to hone your management skills to make them sustainable for the future.

We respond to your questions and requirements – strategically, competently, efficiently. You benefit from honest feedback concerning your performance and its possible effect on your environment. We work with you to develop behaviourally driven strategies which will help you to turn your ideas into tangible result. We can also help to refine your targets and form a stable framework for successful management.

Which scope suits your requirements?

Executive Consulting

For executive boards, managing directors and top management: Impart vision, define teams, implement transformation. We explore and shape these topics with you.

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Business Coaching

Leadership is a question of inner clarity. We provide a safe space for reflection and personal career development.

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Strategic dialogue

Utilise the wisdom of the group – unite your team with your ideas and start implementing them with vigour.

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Team building

A lone ranger mentality will not bring you success. We assist in developing a robust alliance within your team and with you. Synergies and openness allow for good results.

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Leadership Academy

“Made-to-measure instead of off-the-rack” is our promise: The ILAC Leadership Program is successful with its tailor-made modules.

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