Leadership Academy The smart workshop

… because getting better is worth it – in theory as well as in practice. Yes, there are standards for management. However, a company also develops its own culture which influences people’s behaviour in the organisation. Our leadership modules for increasing behavioural expertise start right there. We strengthen appropriate competencies, in line with your current situation, and prepare all management levels specifically for successful action.

Which topics motivate your organisation? Which competencies does your team need to improve in?

ILAC will set up the appropriate academy with you

This includes theoretical impulses and practical exercises on:

  • Personality & leadership style
  • Communication in every situation
  • Change management
  • Agile structures

Networking encourages collaboration across the board

The participants form peer groups and work together as a community. The connection remains in place even after the program is completed.

Space is created for collegial feedback which facilitates individual development at the behavioural level as well as professional solutions.

In addition we include your management program in the development of a mission statement or culture building with dialogue across the hierarchical structures. Do you need inspiration from outside? Why not embark on a ‘learning journey’ in other companies with similar issues as a ‘mobile’ module or gain further insights from an interesting keynote speaker?

As individual as your needs:

Leadership Academy by ILAC in made-to-measure quality.
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