Executive Consulting Leadership for top managers

How would you like to shape your management and performance culture so that it remains sustainable in the future? Disruptive markets, digital transformation, new business models, cultural change – your entrepreneurial creativity is what is needed. This can be developed as a strategic guiding principle for a structured operational framework across command hierarchies. This helps you to influence people, processes and content in your organisation.

Executive consulting means strategic sparring. And that is precisely what we are offering you!

Personality empowers

Your behavior shapes the culture in the entire company and is decisive for the quality of results.

How can you be sure that you are choosing the correct way forward? Feedback and response are becoming increasingly rare. Your personal coach develops a trusting partnership with you and mirrors you as a person and a leader. You will find strength in reflecting on your primary characteristics as a leader and your tactical position within the company.

Turning impulses into reality

Every challenge in the company is different - as is your response.

Managers and employees must be mobilised for your solutions to take effect. Does everyone share your viewpoint? Define corporate action worth committing to.

Provide your organisation with an action-oriented operational framework with positive and perceptible results across all levels using our analyses and clear core messages.

Top-Team? Top-Manager!

Developing and establishing a strong second-tier team: that is a sign of a top manager.

True cohesion within the management team? In most cases, this is a development process for which you need to provide guidance and which continuously requires readjustment. Making clear demands and providing the required inspiration.

On your behalf, we objectively observe your talents, help create relationships with your stakeholders, design organisational structures and find solutions for challenging constellations.

Be effective in your leadership style

That is the essence of our work with you. Your ILAC coach becomes the trusted partner at your side.
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